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Thread: Cant connect to my Minecraft server :(

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    Unhappy Cant connect to my Minecraft server :(

    So I bought myself a server (for Minecraft) about 2 days ago, the first day went well but in the evening I guess someone stole my server's IP address (it was an IP conflict, Xenon fixed it)

    All was going well this morning, but then it happened again. I was uploading a new world folder via FTP to the server while I left to go eat, and when I came back I discovered it stopped half way and disconnected me. Not only this, but I can no longer contact my server. I tried to login to it via Minecraft, I tried to ping it, I tried to connect to FTP. None worked. I'm in desperate need to get this back, please help?

    I did send a support ticket, but it's been about 6 hours...

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    If you can't ping it... you need a support ticket, nothing else for us to help with... might be another IP conflict?

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    Might of been something that you uploaded to the server which can break the server and can cause people not being able to connect.
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