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Thread: How to change a map on my Gmod server? THROUGH STEAM

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    How to change a map on my Gmod server? THROUGH STEAM

    I want to change my the map to sb_gooniverse and I have no Idea how. I want to do it through the workshop but I have no idea how. Please help.

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    I'm sorry this is so late. I often forget to check here. I'm not sure that you can change the map in game through workshop, but what you can do is the following:

    1. Make sure you have a favorites list/server list in the workshop, and then add that to your server under the workshop collection ID. At this point it is best to restart your server so it can update, and you can change the settings.

    2. On the new panel for the servers, it makes it even easier, so after gamemode, there is Map. Click on the dropdown menu, and you should find the map you want. (As a note, this may take some time to update. I know a few maps were so large that they took a few hours to show up in this menu. However, it will show up if you added your workshop ID correctly.)

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