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Thread: 3 years and counting..

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    I first heard of Xenon Servers after administrating a Gmod server back in 2007-2009 and was very interested in getting my own but it was too expensive. In the Summer of 09' they had a promotion going on which I couldn't pass up on. Though it was very hard for me to put my trust into a host provider since it was my first time and i'm always cautious online. Though reading reviews and knowing how well the server I Administered on was and had no problems with, I thought i'd go ahead and rent a Gmod server.

    Ever since then, it's been great. I've had no major problems with it and any minor ones were fixed via their super fast Support team. That's one of the things I really like, they probably have the fastest Support system out there.

    A year later (2010), I saw a new update stating they would be getting Minecraft servers. I knew i had to get one since it was and still is a very popular game and was worried that if I didn't jump on the band wagon early, the price would increase (which it didn't). So I got myself a Minecraft server and it's been great. Again the support team really helps you out, even with things that they normally do not cover, they still offer solutions and are very helpful when it's not on their end.

    All in all, I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a game server hoster. I'm only writing this because I thinks it's time to show my appreciation to this company after 3 years.

    Still have and will probably keep my two servers for a while.

    Thanks Xenon!

    P.S. Don't ever loose that Customer service, if you didn't have such an awesome super fast system, I probably wouldn't be here.

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    Thanks for the great review, Cubez! We're happy to have you as a customer

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