Hi! I'm Helba, or better known as Mario Sinn. I own a server on Xenon Servers from Garry's Mod. I had two websites and a Shoutcast server. Here's all the rant's you can get from Me, but don't worry. It's mostly good stuff you should know.

Before I begin my awfully long page of test. I have to make sure people see why they should chose Xenon Servers. But I will also compare to other companies to make you believe that Xenon Servers is Good and shouldn't be Under Estimated. I hope this thread doesn't get deleted, because I get real serious with these reviews.

I will go through 3 Categories.
Sales, Support, Service: These are the main three things that make Xenon Servers what they are, I will list Pro's and Con's and situations I've come to where it would've been bad or good. I will only Compare Xenon Servers and WYDServers. And I will make you believe that Xenon Servers is the best.

Sales: In sales, Xenon Servers does they're usual job, Offer you a server in a game you want. And bring it to you in five minutes after Purchase. Thus so, there's some Great things you should know.

  • They have a Variety of things such as: Dedicated Servers, Game Servers, Voice Servers, Radio Servers.
  • They Accept hating Reviews.
  • The Control Panel, Website and Customer Panel is easy to use.

I know it's not that much, but it's nothing bad either. It's just three points that make sense. We don't need a huge chunk of text to explain. It's getting right to the point. Now lets look at WYDServers. You look at they're website, and it's a Mess. For one Point. They use WORD PRESS to sell Dedicated Game Servers. No they don't even sell dedicated Game Servers. +1 For Xenon Servers!

  • The Server's aren't the Cheapest.
  • The servers can come broken.

Let's be serious. Compared to WYDServers, Xenon Servers costs way more money. But they offer more service. Gmod.EU doesn't even have you allowed to customize the Tickrate on a Game Server that shouldn't even need to have customized Tickrate. It's those little things that you allow you're customers that make them happy. Xenon Servers Deserves every right to be a tiny bit more expensive. Referring back to Gmod.EU, they're servers are $1.25 a Slot. And they don't even have a Good FastDL Server. Digging in to the second bullet. I ordered a Shoutcast Radio server for $10 (That's Really cheap. Thanks! ) But a huge problem came. As soon as I started it up. It skipped about 1 minute of each song, which was annoying. But then, Customer Support said this (Actual Quote):
I'm not sure why that would occur. Since I'm not able to find the cause of this issue, would you like me to refund you for the Shoutcast service?
That's what I call perfect Customer Support.

Whoah, We're already at the Support Topics. And the Thread didn't get deleted? Wow.

Customer Support:
  • Reliable and Fast

This is the main thing that customer support has. The only thing that it needs, anything else isn't even needed. Reliability is the word here. If customer Support can't do anything if you have a Problem. Then it's not you're problem. It's the Customer Support's Problem. If they can't fix it. Xenon Servers is Kind enough to Refund the Problem. Instead of giving you an random other problem.

I once had a critical Problem at Xenon Servers, and they answered the thread in customer support in less then 3 hours. That's a quick time, if you think about how many customers are at Xenon Servers. I've once gone to Blizzard's Phone support, Waiting 45 minutes just to get told 'All our Representatives are currently Busy'. That just made me flip the table and I stopped buying anything From Blizzard Entertainment.

I know, Blizzard isn't servers. But still. Customer Support is customer support, They should know how to treat they're customers, if they can't do it. Then don't hold them.

  • There's nothing here to see!

Service :
Alright, this is a Big One. This is the biggest and most annoying one to type. It's going to be a hard challenge to overcome flaws. But it's do-able.

  • Quick Set-Up
  • Lot's of Control over Servers

These are the main two points that need to be discussed. It takes about 3-5 minutes for a server to be set up. This is amazing and doesn't need to be discussed. But over the control in the Control Panel, It's a basic Control panel with your choice to do anything you need to do to make the server of yours good.

  • TC Admin 1
  • Web Console
  • Can't Upload DLL's
  • Load Times
  • Reinstalling
  • Lag

Problem Number 1, TC Admin. TC Admin is the control panel we're using to control all the servers. But the one flaw is. It's Version 1, not version 2. This doesn't include a Web Console which makes the server Reliable and allow's you to have quick access. This makes me sad, TC Admin 1 has a great File Manager, TC Admin 2 Doesn't. What's with this full on failure to make a Great admin Control panel. That's why I suggest to make a new Control panel and make it appealing to the eye. Let's Cut the crap. If you use a MySQL Connection, you have a MySQL Server with Xenon Servers, but the thing is. We can't upload MySQL without knowing that the ModInstaller has it there. This is why the knowledge base should get updated.

Re-Installing the server is a Pain in the back (Yea I know, great censoring). You should be able to re-install a server without having to contact the Customer Support. Even though it gives more of a Overview, it shouldn't be too hard to make a MySQL or FTP Imprint on a TXT File once someone Re-install's a Server.

The load Times with TC-Admin are a Pain. I shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes to get to my server's Control Panel.

This one is for Garry's Mod!
Lag is also a horrible Problem. I bought my server hoping I can play a gamemode that uses a lot of Ram. But all that happens is I join, I lag, I disconnect. This shouldn't be a problem and should be looked in to. Even though now the gamemode is broken in Garry's Mod 13.

Suggestions after huge Paragraph of Pointless Arguments:
  • New Server Control Panel
  • Knowledge Base NEED's To get updated. I'll update it myself if you really want me to. I could even give basic lua Tutorials on the Knowledge base.
  • This point wasn't discussed: Garry's Mod 13 on a Garry's Mod Server. I would like to beta Test on my server too. Not only on client.
  • If a new version of that game comes out. Pre Ordering isn't too bad if you ask me. I might buy a Counter Strike Global offense server if Xenon Host's one.
  • Updates if new games related to you're servers come out. You should just have a little Box in the control panel saying.

My Rant is out.

In my Opinion:
Xenon Servers is better then anyone else, shouldn't be under Estimated and you should buy as many servers as needed. 9/10. Suggested to buy at any time. I would like to work there, too bad I'm probably not 'good' enough for a job at a sophisticated company like Xenon Servers.

Best Regards,
Mario Sinn,
Helba on Steam.

Got anything you need to rant to Me about? Or Tell me? Email me at Helba@ugr-gmod.com