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    Talking Webhosting A+

    I know I already complimenting Xenon's quality server providing but I neglected to mention their webhosting services.

    When I got my first website back in January, I was clueless about how to set up a website and the articles I read elsewhere were very confusing. I was about to get hosting for $100 a year from another provider when I remembered Xenon also provided webhosting services. Anyways long story short their customer support was amazing in helping you set it up (Without them I couldn't have done it.) Aside from the quality customer support, the $25 I paid for a year of hosting is a great deal. My website and forums run perfectly without one incident to date and proud to say I have not needed to bug customer support about anything website related! Great job Xenon yet again!

    Bottom Line:
    IF you are looking for quality webhosting Xenon has it.

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    Thanks for the great review! We love having you as a customer
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