I first ordered a Minecraft server from Xenon back in April of 2011. I must say that at first, I was underwhelmed. Within the month, my IP was connecting to a different server which took time to resolve. A few months down the line, my server began to run multiple instances of the client, preventing users from logging in. Chris Wolfe eventually moved me to a new box and everything worked fine, but that began a series of IP changes. That in and of itself wasn't terrible but is was a hassle communicating to all of my users when they suddenly couldn't log in. Finally, certain customer support members rubbed me the wrong way; their curt replies made it seem like I wasn't a customer but an inconvenience. That was in September of 2011, and I had resolved to switch hosts when my order expired in April of 2012.

April of this year rolled around, and due to my own incompetence, I was charged for another year of service. I wasted no time in submitting a ticket asking for a refund and quite frankly, I was shocked by how much things had turned around in the last seven months. John M. was incredibly helpful in walking me through what steps needed to be taken to terminate my account and he was incredibly polite despite the fact I had openly stated I was leaving Xenon for another host. The issue was resolved rapidly and I received my refund as requested.

I migrated to a new host afterwards (who shall not be named) and in less than two weeks, my server had been taken offline by a DDoS. That itself wasn't so bad, as those sorts of things happen, but what surprised me was the laissez faire attitude of the new staff. They showed absolutely no initiative towards fixing the problem and on top of that, they were holding events to give away new servers while a good portion of their user base was still offline. It was infuriating and disrespectful. My support tickets asking to be moved to another node were met with resistance. After less than two weeks, I regretted transferring hosts.

There are still a number of features that I wish Xenon would implement, the foremost being dynamic resource monitoring. However, their rapid customer service puts them heads and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Additionally, they are one of the few hosts that can stand by their claims of little downtime. If you’ve tried them in the past and have been disappointed, give Xenon a shot again. If you’re a new customer, don’t be fooled by other hosts claiming to be more intimate since they only provide Minecraft servers. Xenon’s wide variety of game servers goes to know how exceptional their services are. They have 50 thousand “likes” on Facebook for a reason. I can state with confidence that Xenon provides fantastic service and after using some of the competition, I am eager to reinstate my account.