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Thread: One and Half Year old member|Time to say a few things.

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    One and Half Year old member|Time to say a few things.

    I'll split this post down into three area.

    1. Will be the Good parts of XS hosting.
    2. Will be any bad parts (Short area)
    3. My view on Xenon.

    So let's begin shall we.

    The good parts of XS.

    1. Cheap, and by cheap I mean the fact that the more slots you buy the cheaper it goes. It's a nice little touch, and I have enjoyed getting a variety of different sized servers over my time here.
    2. Uptime, always high. The only times it's ever been down was due to my own stupidity with modifications or a large backend issue. And if it was a backend issue, it was sorted asap.
    3. Web Hosting, top notch. When they added it in I hoped onto the train as soon as my old one was finally done (6 month contract each time) never looked back. And it works great for a personal site and storage space.
    4. Minecraft, their ability to upgrade your server with not slots. But GB, is excellent. They don't give you too much, and they don't give you too little. They give you the perfect size to start off with, hell mine hasen't even passed 10 people yet.
    5. Support, your support team is getting better all the time. I remember when I first arrived they helped but they couldn't do all that much. Now, they can stand by me %90 of the time and fight to get everything working again.

    The bad parts of XS
    1. The recent server move, this I know isn't a fault of XS. But I would of thought that with the amount of Technology avaliable you would of been able to keep your IP address when moving from one main box to another. It's a little shame, as my Minecraft now has no users, they have all left for other places. Who wants to stay when the IP changes so much?
    2. Support, it still has a way to come yet. Your still thinking on a little to high of a buissness level, instead of just letting it go and focusing on the customer only. It's good, but it can be better.
    3. Time zoning, Living in the UK. I find it had to talk to the support team as they are all based in the US. It would be nice if you could get some for the EU/UK GMT timezones, as I must wait from getting up @ 10AM a fair few hours for any talks to support teams.

    And these are my personal views on XS.

    Whilst it's an amazing company, it still suffers from the basic things that all do. Backend issues, staffing issues and so on. These things are more then understandable, and for a small company like it is. I find they work damn well on such a thing, they put as much heart as they can into it and really pull the works on things.

    I have had my times with support members were we have seen our differences, but at the same time we all hunkered down and got on with it. No matter the customer, they know what they are doing, they don't have a clue with what they are doing and so on. XS Support team fixes kit as well as they can.

    A few things I want to point out to maybe help with XS is.

    1. On your support area, you know those premade support threads? I think you should expand on them more, OR allow for US the users that know a thing or two to submit things too you. You look them over, make sure they are fitting to go onto that their support area and then accept them on. I think it would help you all out.

    2. Terraria server news, when is it coming up and what is it's current condition. I think you should let us all know, we are dying to get our hands on them servers :P

    3. Teamspeak 3 or mumble VOIP servers, a expansion into these might get great results, I LOVE TS for it's adjust ability and customisation. And mumble for it's great quality.

    That's all I can really thing of, and I hope that the team members will look over a few of these things. I hope that we can do something to help you, seeing as you all help us so much.
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    Couldn't agree more, I have CSS server & web hosting for 1.yr now. Support is never online, but prices are great.

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    Amazing and very detailed review!
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